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Our Western Australian timbers include a variety of beautiful and versitile hardwoods. Some of the Western Australian hardwoods we use in our furniture include the following:

Common Name: Jarrah
Species: Eucalyptus marginate
Jarrah is one of the most common species of eucalyptus tree in the southwest of Western Australia. Its colours range from soft salmon pinks through to rich reddish-browns. It is one of the most recognised and popular Western Australian timbers used for furniutre construction.
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Common Name: Marri
Species: Eucalyptus calophylla
Marri is unique to Western Australia and grown amongst the Jarrah and Karri Forests of the South West. It has distinctive black gum lines and colours range from light creamy brown though to rich honey tones. It can also have sections of pink and khaki tonings. Marri has limited availability.
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Common Name: Western Australian Blackbutt
Species: Eucalyptus patems
Western Australian Blackbutt's colour ranges from pale cream through to soft yellow - brownish tones. It has very limited availabilty as it is conserved in stream reserves. It bears no resemblance to Blackbutts found in other parts of Australia.
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Common Name: Sheoak
Species: Allocasuarina fraseriana
Sheoak is found in the South West of Western Australia in the coastal region where it is an understudy species in the Jarrah forest. It is distinctive with prominent medullary rays throughout. Its colour ranges from pale yellow to golden brown through to dark rich red andn is limited in its availability.
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Common Name: Wandoo

Species: Eucalyptus wandoo
Wandoo is endemic to Western Australia. It is very hard and often used for sleepers, poles and heavy construction and occassionally if a manufacturer is willing, in our furniture. It varies in colour from pale yellowish-brown to very rich reddish-brown.
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Common Name: Yellow Tingle
Species: Eucalyptus guilfoylei
Yellow Tingle is rarely commercially available because the species generally occurs in areas that are now in conservation reserves. In the cool, wet forests between Walpole and Denmark on Western Australia's south coast, three species of Eucalypt seek refuge from the drying conditions that have seen most of the ancient rainforest relics lost. As such, the Tingles have a limited natural occurrence. The General Store has been fortunate enough to access some Yellow Tingle timbers felled over 15 years ago for power lines. The Yellow Tingle can reach up to 400 years old. It is currently illegal to fell all species of Tingles.
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Common Name: Recycled European Baltic Pine
Species: Pinus sylvestris
This type of pine is much harder than normal pine, as it grows in cold climate in Northern Europe.  It was used extensively for structural construction in many countries throughout Europe.  We Import the Raw material when it is salvaged from old Buildings (From U.K.).  It has great rustic character in the timber as they are from 200 years old buildings.